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Message from the President

Three days of remarkable information

Dear colleagues,

During the CBFM 2017, I had the honor of having our project of organizing the CBFM 2019 approved. Included in the project is the challenging mission of promoting the celebration of ABFM’s 50th anniversary event. Since then, I took the responsibility of inviting colleagues willing to dedicate part of their time on this task. We are compromised in developing a congress program that might connect celebration activities for this very special date, with scientific, technological, educational and professional contents in contemporary Medical Physics.

This is how the event has been developed. Tracing the connection between the past and the future; presenting to the new generations the pathway traced by many Medical Physicists from all over the country. Their contribution brought our profession, recently recognized, to the actual auspicious status. In the event, there will be special activities to review these 50 years of ABFM’s history by the participants themselves, so that the new generation can see how the Brazilian Medical Physics trajectory has been built until the current scenario.

Certainly, this event is not only about the past. The scientific, educational and professional committees are working hard to present the state-of-art in these areas, providing the participants with the opportunity of acquiring new knowledge and discussing with colleagues the strategies to a great success in the future of Medical Physics in Brazil.

The city of Santos/SP was chosen to host this event for many reasons. Some of them are based on the fact that it is close enough to São Paulo/SP and it has easy access from large urban centers in Brazil and other countries. Besides, the city of Santos inspires an informal atmosphere that we expect to inspire the congress fellows. Since Santos is one of the oldest cities in the country and it has great connection past-future as a permanent background in its architecture and art, we want this “santista climate” provides the ideal atmosphere to a commemorative, festive, and vibrant event. Let it represent the impulse for the next 50 years of Medical Physics in Brazil!

See you in Santos in August of 2019!

Paulo R. Costa
President of CBFM2019


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The Brazilian Congress of Medical Physics has been held since 1969 in different cities in Brazil, always contributing with scientific news to the participants and integrating the Medical Physicists. In 2019 takes place the 24th edition of CBFM.



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