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Registration Fees

  • Values valid on a personal and non-transferable basis.

  • Members of ABFM, SBF and CBR are entitled to the benefits of "members." Participants must have their annuities up to date, including the 2019 annuity, to be entitled to discounts.

  • In case of those interested in promoting Black Friday, they must have the annuities of 2018 up to date.

  • Only ABFM's students members will be exempt until 30/06/2019, and for this they must send an email to cbfm2019@acquaviva.com.br requesting the exemption.

  • STUDENTS must prove their status as such (regularly enrolled in Physics or Medical Physics / Postgraduate / Residency courses) in the act of ACCREDITATION. Those who do not must pay the difference for the registration as PROFESSIONAL.

  • Payment can be paid up to 12 times through PAGSEGURO. Check the conditions and fees at the time of payment.

Unregistering Policy
  • To cancel your registration, send an email stating your intent to cancel to cbfm2019@acquaviva.com.br. You must mention if you are part of any sessions, and indicate your intent to withdraw as well.

  • Requests received by 06/07/2019 will incur a 30% cancellation fee

  • Requests received by 21/07/2019 will incur a 50% cancellation fee

  • Requests received by 06/08/2019 will incur a 70% cancellation fee

  • Requests received after 06/08/2019 cannot be processed


System Registration

To be able to register yourself and gain access to the submission system or the payment platform, is mandatory to create an account by clicking at the bellow button.

Anyone can create an account. It is a free account and allows you to receive all the information about the conference and the news.